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Absolver Daisy download torrent



Absolver Daisy download torrent


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In the ruins of the empire Fall fell, starting with a mysterious mask

Your face and a strange idea of ​​a strange ceremony. Imagine yourself

Smoke and even death are man-made

The parents of these countries are here to decide where you are

It is advisable to become part of the body The elite of Absolvers. When you walk it

Problems with other issues like learning new things

Road styles get weapons and weapons and build a team of warriors

Alias ​​must fight to fight.

– Clean waterthe right time: Stay in one of the four tactical websites.

During real fighting and execution of devastating attacks and disturbances

Parries The organization will be your weapon while practicing the song or more

melee battle multiplayer.

– Customizable streams and formats: The players will determine their characteristics

Playstyle by choosing a fighting style as a chosen and organized instrument

Attack their armies Fight with their unique designs and attackers.


– Read lots Read online: Predictionsand refusal

Meet people in the world who create unique stories

Expressed by the player interface and the options. Now full

Suggested tension for battle or love will never be clear: Always trust

Increase religion. The competition will have results and changes

In a meaningful relationship you make friends or enemies and find out

Mentor or student.

-PvP and PvE: Explore the rich and dynamic world, including the dedicated PvP

Where the prize and progress championship is won

The seriesAbsolute and PvE areas in which the players work together

Spray spray and scarce items from Paradise of Adal.

Languages: Chinese, English, German, German, Italian, Polish

Poland – Brazil, Russia, Spain


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